by pirashanthan

Nothing beats it. It's the supreme rush. The ultimate dream. And all you have to do is close your eyes, take one big step, and you're there -- sailing through the sky, the flexible micro-surfaces of your wings responding to every fluctuation in the wind, their cilia gathering energy from it, while the movements of your shoulders and the pressure of your fingers on "joy spheres" trigger mini jets that steer you effortlessly through the blue, sometimes for hours, if you wish. Sure, I could do this by myself or with a couple of buddies. But in point of fact, it's a special kind of thrill to guide a group of my customers -- the ones who've achieved the highest level of fitness at one of my centers -- on these high-flying excursions.

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About Me

Life is bigest way. but you must travel. You need money to travel here with jolyfull life. So work hard and earn more from any good way. keep quit, becouse all is wel..........

$5 USD/hr