ADX Velocity Indicator

by shanebrewer
ADX Velocity Indicator

Chuck LeBeau talks in Dr. Van Tharp's program "How To Develop A Winning Trading System That Fits You" about how his research showed that the ADX value didn't really yield much information. However the rate at which the ADX rose or fell did offer some interesting insights. This indicator plots the difference in the ADX value for this bar against the previous bar as a histogram. Additionally you can specify the the period over which the ADX value is calculated, as well as the number of bars you want to look back to compare with the current bar to create an ADX velocity.

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I am a software developer and trading system consultant that specializes in programming for the NinjaTrader platform. My 10+ years of trading experience gives me the expertise to understand the trading business so I can clearly and effectively understand your trading objectives, while my 15+ years of computer development experience has given me the tools to take trading-related objectives and create efficient, easy-to-understand computer systems to automate those objectives. I have over 6 years of experience programming in NinjaTrader to create completely automated strategies, indicators, bar types, custom order handling frameworks, and analysis tools. My programming education includes M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Alberta, a B.Sc. In Computer Science from the University of Lethbridge, and a Microsoft Specialist Certification in C#. Programming for NinjaTrader, I have a variety of programming experiences including: -Written completely automated NinjaTrader strategies, including custom, multi-time frame entries, completely automated multi-faceted exit strategies (for both stop-losses and profit targets), and custom position sizing algorithms that determine how much to risk on a trade. -NinjaTrader GUI programming where I have added various GUI components to a NinjaTrader chart to perform various functionality. -Created a Unmanaged Order Handling Framework to take advantage of NinjaTrader's open API to define your own order handling. -Created tools to take data in NinjaTrader and to automatically insert data into a database. An example of the usefulness of this is to download futures tick data for a contract so you can create your own continuous contract. -Utilized Microsoft Interop to create a customized, formatted Excel spreadsheet for data output or to add on additional strategy back test result calculations. In addition to NinjaTrader programming, I also offer extensive trading system analysis as a premium add-on with a money-back guarantee if your strategy is not improved significantly beyond the cost of the analysis. This analysis includes: • Entry Analysis: Determine if the strategy's entry methodology actually offers you an edge • Exit Analysis: Determine if the strategy is maximizing the amount of profit taken, or if you are leaving too much on the table. • Market Type Analysis: Most strategies tend to do well in certain market types and not as well in others. By analyzing your strategy we can report which conditions your strategy does best in which can significantly increase your strategy's results and reduce drawdowns. • Day Type Analysis (For intra-day systems): For day trading types systems, we analysis how well the strategy runs on different day type classifications, allowing you to better customize your strategy. • Position Sizing Analysis: Given your system's expectancy, we suggest position sizing algorithms that will help you get as close as possible to your trading goals. You can find a portfolio of my NinjaTrader projects at my website Additionally, you will find several trading research articles that highlight my knowledge of trading markets.

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