Kinect Education Game : Mission Is Possible

by sumeetjindal1983
Kinect Education Game : Mission Is Possible

Full body gesture based education game using Kinect. Player hears the tasks in foreign language and need to pick the correct sign post. It was developed in XNA C#

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About Me

I have rich experience across wide range of technologies. Although I am not limited by any language or technology, I have exposure in C#,C++,WCF,WPF,Silverlight,MVVM,Windows Phone, Java,OpenGL,Nvidia Physx,Kinect,Unity3D,Direct3D,Ogre3D etc. Most fun projects 1. Integrated vuzix glasses with kinect to create a fully imersive 3d interactive experience in Ogre3D c++ 2. Architected Cross platform data synchronization framework.

$5 USD/hr