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Hello, my name is TARUN GEHLOT and I work as a statistical consultant for graduate students, professors, researchers, businesses, and government agencies. Regardless of your field and topic of study, research questions, hypotheses, and methods, I am confident that I can assist you in your study. My confidence is the result of years of experience as a statistical consultant, having used a wide variety of statistical software programs and having performed many different types of statistical tests and models. Please explore this site to learn more about my consulting experience, ability, and knowledge of quantitative methods and statistics. I am confident that I can help you with your study and if we agree to work together, you can expect the highest degree of commitment to the successful completion of your study with an extremely rapid turn-around time.

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About Me

expertise in 1. complex analysis 2. lap lac and Fourier transforms 3. advanced abstract algebra 4. specials functions 5. topology calculus analysis 7. Lebesgue measures and integration 8. structural analysis 9. differential geometry analysis 11. elementary mechanics 12. linear programming logic 13. analytically geometry problems 14. vectors analysis mechanics 16. mathematical statics 18. tensor calculus 19. real analysis 20 logical maths and logics of maths in space science 21 space frames 22 numerical techniques 23 vibration analysis 24 measure theory 25 finite element methods 26 non linear functions 27 cryptography 28 Elementary Harmonic analysis 29 Distribution Theory: 30 tangent and cotangent spaces; 31 Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics 32 Design of Experiments 33 Sampling 34 Modern Regression 35 Survival Analysis 36 Survey Psycho metrics 37 Statistical Inference 38 application of statistics and mathematics

$10 USD/hr